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    Our Segmentation for the branding are in Corporate and Academic Organization. With competitive excellence in leadership, we would serve you best in people development.

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    Passionate Honesty Creative Smart Realistic

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    MMAI’s services are unique for its psychological approach. We believe that the better investments of people development in soft skills are those who studied people themself. However our other expertises would responsible for technical skills as well.

Our Excellence

People Assesment

Psychological Test

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Job Position Analyst

People Development



Regular Leadership Theraphy

Coaching / Counseling

Organizational Development

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Academic Organizations

Psychological test for Academic Interest and IQ

Student's Development

Student's Counseling Center

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Teacher's Development

School Development Program

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KALBE CORPORATE : Public Speaking and Presentation Skill batch #4

BOSCH : Intercultural Competency Workshop
Second year of vendoring BOSCH.
Last Year : Japanese, Denmark, Malaysia
This Year : German, Spain, Malaysia
Intercultural is awesome.

Microexpressions workshop.